The Renewal of Dailly Church Hall

Dailly Church Hall was built in 1895 and for many years was at the centre of community life. In recent years however the building had slowly deteriorated for many reasons. As a result fewer people and groups had chosen to use the Hall.

  • Dailly Parish Church interior
    Dailly Parish Church interior
  • Dailly Parish Church kitchen
    Dailly Parish Church kitchen
EB Name Dailly Parish Church Congregational Board EB number 686564
LCF funding £39,500 Total project cost £98,368
Project postcode KA26 9SB Object D


An extensive refurbishment plan was put into place, over a number of stages totalling over £98,368, with an LCF contribution of £39,500 towards the project cost.


The LCF contribution has helped the restoration of the church get underway and has been of significant help as a small part of the larger project. The Church Hall has been extensively refurbished with a new toilet suite, including disabled. A new fully fitted kitchen has also been added in what was the vestry. The main hall has also had a full makeover with a new oak floor and suspended ceiling fitted with modern lighting and new heating. It is hoped that in the coming months the hall will soon be attracting more community social and recreational activities and will be available to all.

This project qualified under Object D: To provide or maintain a general public amenity.