Good Practice and Benchmarking

We advise EBs to adopt best practices in their operations, as outlined in our inspection reports and detailed in the Good Practice document available on the right side of this page. While not every recommendation may be suitable for all EBs, considering these principles can help enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness in daily operations.

Benchmarking Initatives 

In collaboration with the Association of Distributive and Environmental Bodies (ADEB), we have developed several benchmarking metrics based on data from EBs’ Statutory Annual Returns and other reports. This data, presented in quartiles or bands, helps EBs:

  • Compare their performance against others in key operational areas,
  • Report their standings to directors or trustees, and
  • Identify potential improvements.

Leveraging Technology in Non-Profits 

According to a recently published report, charities are under immense pressure to do more with less. To become more agile, efficient, and support remote and hybrid working, many charities have increased their use of technology in recent times. However, not everyone is confident they are making the most of the digital revolution.

The report titled "How Charities Can Make the Most of Technology" provides guidance on how charities can leverage technology to drive their mission and increase their impact. It offers guidance on choosing the right technological tools, fostering a culture that embraces digital solutions, and the ongoing evaluation of tech use to maximize impact. The full report is available for reading on the right-hand side of this page..

Economic Impact Framework

In June 2015, we introduced an economic impact framework to assist EBs in providing detailed financial information to gauge the broader economic benefits of the LCF. Updated in 2018, this framework helps EBs assess their contributions to the economy more effectively. The comprehensive review and framework are accessible in the document on the right side of this page.