Compliance process

To ensure that the Landfill Tax Regulations are complied with we carry out compliance visits to Environmental Bodies (EBs). These visits ensure that Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) monies are spent compliantly. 

Those organisations which successfully meet the enrolment criteria and demonstrate that they are a fit and proper organisation to receive LCF monies will automatically be awarded a risk score based on a number of key risk indicators which are updated based on EBs activity and performance. 

The criteria for which we award a risk score includes, for example; amount of LCF funding you have received, amount of LCF monies you continue to hold, number of projects approved for your EB and any history of non-compliance.

This score partly determines how often we will be in contact with the organisation. The work planning allocations are compiled taking into account other general factors within your organisation, therefore if you wish to revoke from the scheme we may carry out an ‘exit’ visit prior to making a recommendation to our Board.