Finding Training Resources

You can access a range of training resources, which you can find at the bottom right hand side of this page, or our online training module on SurveyMonkey which you can access by clicking EB Enrolment Module. These resources provide organisations who are new to the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) or are considering joining the scheme and utilising funding available through the LCF with an overview of how the scheme operates, the role ENTRUST plays and the obligations placed on organisations that become Environmental Bodies (EBs).

Following discussion with the Association of Distributive and Environmental Bodies (ADEB) we have created a short guide that provides a summary of the obligations that funders may wish to send to their project applicants, who are also enrolled as an EB in their own right. The guide is also helpful for all EBs as a short summary of their obligations once they are enrolled with ENTRUST. You can access the 'Funded Environmental Bodies guide' on the right hand side of this page.

The videos below include 'An Introduction to ENTRUST' which allows viewers to gain an overview of the scheme, the role ENTRUST undertakes and the requirements placed on EBs who register projects and receive funding through the scheme.

We have also provided three project related videos that will help you to better understand the types of projects that can be funded through the LCF under the most commonly applied for Objects within the Landfill Tax (1996) Regulations.

We regularly hold training events for EBs. If you would like to find out more about our training events please visit our 'Attending Training Events' page.

Related Videos

Please view these videos to find out more about the LCF and the most common project Object Types registered with ENTRUST

An Introduction to ENTRUST

An overview of the Landfill Communities Fund.

Object D

The provision, maintenance or improvement of a public park or another public amenity

Object DA

The conservation of a natural habitat or of a species in its natural habitat

Object E

The repair, maintenance or restoration of a building or structure which is a place of religious worship or of historic or architectural interest

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Q. How does the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) work?


Landfill Operators (LOs) in England and Northern Ireland pay Landfill tax to HM Revenue & Customs on every tonne of waste that they dispose of in a landfill site.

The Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) is an innovative tax credit scheme which 'offsets' some of the negative impacts of living in the vicinity of  a landfill site for affected communities.  Under the LCF, LOs in England and Northern Ireland are able to pay a proportion of their Landfill tax liability to not-for-profit organisations which deliver projects for the benefit of communities and the environment in the vicinity of a landfill site in England or Northern Ireland.  In order to receive LCF funds from a LO these not for profit organisations must become enrolled with ENTRUST as Environmental Bodies (EBs).

Q. I’m not sure whether my project idea is eligible to receive funding from the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). How do I find out?


Projects can be registered in England or Northern Ireland. They can also be registered in Wales until 30 September 2019. Have a look at the Objects page and our Guidance Manual (Part 4: submitting a project) to see if your project idea fits with any of the areas that are eligible for funding. If you need further information contact our Helpline and we will advise you whether your project is eligible or not.

Q. How do we access ENTRUST funds?


There are no 'ENTRUST funds'. We are the Regulator of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) and we do not provide or distribute funds in any way. You can find out about how to obtain LCF funding from our finding funding page.

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