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18 Oct 2018

Removal of Paper Forms and online reporting in 2019/2020

In our 2017-2020 Corporate Plan, in order to reduce the administrative burden on Environmental Bodies (EBs) we informed EBs of our intention to move to 100 per cent e-delivery across a phased three year implementation period. In 2019/2020 we will enter the final year of that implementation period, with the removal of the final paper forms. More...

16 Oct 2018

Environmental Body Governing Member Details

Environmental Bodies (EBs) enrolled in the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) with ENTRUST, have a statutory responsibility, as part of their enrolment to ensure that the records of the EB Governing Members (for example, Trustees and Directors), and the EB Governing Documents are kept up to date on ENTRUST Online (EOL). More...


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