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You can use our search function below to identify EBs who fund in your area. The following list shows all EBs who fund in England and Northern Ireland. You can use the drop down country and county fields to select your location to narrow down your search. Once your search is complete you can find out more about each funder by clicking on their name. This will give you information about their funding criteria and how to contact them to apply for LCF funding. You may need to use the reset button if you're running multiple searches.

Please note that if the EB appears on the list generated for the county selected the EB will fund within that county but you will need to contact them to confirm if they fund in your specific location. Some funding EBs have names that imply a geographic limitation but if they appear on the list generated then they do fund in your county.

The Objects supported column shows the LCF 'Objects' that each funder will support. There are five main areas of work (Objects) that qualify for funding under the LCF. You can find out more about each of the Objects here, or by clicking on the Object links next to each funder. Some funding EBs have names that imply that they only fund certain Objects but please check the Objects listed to be certain.

All EBs who appear as funders under the funder search option are reminded to check their details are up to date and to let us know of any changes via the form on the right hand side of this page or by emailing

Funder Name
Objects Supported