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Use our search tool below to find Environmental Bodies (EBs) that provide funding in your area. Each funder will have their own criteria, this list gives you a selection of funders to contact who fund in your area, it does not mean you are automatically eligible; please check with the funder for more details if they appear on the list. 

You can refine your search by selecting your country (England or Northern Ireland) and county from the dropdown menus. After completing your search, click on an EB's name for detailed information about their funding criteria and application process for LCF funding. If conducting multiple searches, you may need to use the reset button.  

The "Objects supported" column indicates the LCF 'Objects' each funder supports. There are five main areas of work (Objects) eligible for LCF funding. More information about these Objects is available on our website or by clicking the Object links beside each funder’s name. Some EBs might appear to fund specific Objects based on their names, but always check the listed Objects to verify.  

Please note, some EBs have location or object specific names; however, if they appear on the list, they do fund in your area and provide funding for the objects that are listed. 

Funder Name
Objects Supported