2022/2023 Training Report Publication

23 May 2023

Since March 2014, an annual training programme has been delivered for Environmental Bodies (EBs).

The 2022/2023 training programme was delivered virtually via Zoom meetings due to a preference for virtual events among EBs. The programme achieved an average feedback score of 4.7 out of 5 and had an average of 6 delegates per session.

While the number of delegates attending the training decreased from the previous year's figure, satisfaction levels remained high with 100% of attendees stating they would recommend the training events to a colleague. In addition, feedback indicated that the introduction of a short style quiz improved the training. Training materials, including instructional training videos, were developed to support those who could not attend the virtual training events. These videos were well-received and further videos are in development. The training programme also offers one-on-one support to specific EBs on request.

Based on the 2022/2023 programme analysis, the approach for 2023/2024 will focus on providing more interactive digital media, such as updated guides and a refreshed online module. The training programme and resources are promoted through the website, e-newsletters, and varioius social media platforms.