Amendments to project registration forms

29 Nov 2011

In the June 2011 e-bulletin, we informed Environmental Bodies (EBs) of a number of proposed changes to the project registration forms as a result of our on-going value for money review within the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).

The changes will provide better quality information on the achievements of the fund in line with current Government priorities. We are now pleased to confirm that the following changes were made to project registration appendix forms for Object D and Object DA on 02 November 2011.

Object D Changes

The categories for amenity types have been re-defined as follows:

Activity centre Nature reserve
Bridleway/public footpath Park
Canal works/waterways Public playground
Church/place of worship Public woodland
Community hall/centre Sporting facilities
Cycle path Village green
Library Zoos and public farms
Museum Other


Object DA Changes.

We have also added categories for the species or habitat types which are being conserved or protected through projects submitted under Object DA. You are now asked to include the total number of each of these categories which are protected or conserved as well as specifying how many of these are Biodiversity Action Plan species or habitats.

The new categories are as follows:

Habitat Species
Lowland Farmland Fungi (including lichens)
Upland Birds
Wetland Fish
Lakes & Ponds Herptiles
Rivers Terrestrial mammals
Woodland Terrestrial invertebrates
Urban & Brownfield Marine-only species
Coastal Non-vascular plants
Marine Vascular plants


We acknowledge that these amendments may require some EBs to revise the information that they collect when a project is submitted, and so we expect that EBs should make the necessary arrangements to be able to submit this information for all projects that are registered after 01 April 2012 at the very latest.