Annual Report on the Landfill Communities Fund 2007/2008 to 2011/2012

2 Jan 2013

In accordance with the Terms of Approval that we have with HMRC, we have produced a report showing:

  • Key trends of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF);
  • The value of LCF monies invested in projects;
  • Details of the reported running costs of Environmental Bodies (EBs);
  • Details of youth volunteers involved in LCF projects; and
  • Value for Money (VFM) data for projects completed in the past five years.

This year, we have decided to publish this report so that EBs are aware of the many achievements that the LCF has delivered over the last five years, and to demonstrate how we use the value for money information that is collected when a project is submitted for approval to us.