Annual Return, Countdown to Compliance - 4 Days to Go

22 Apr 2013

The deadline for the submission of your 2012-2013 Annual Return (Form 4) is only 4 days away.

All Environmental Bodies (EBs) are required to submit an annual return that details their financial activity over the last twelve months, even if there has been no activity and a NIL RETURN is required. The statutory deadline for submission and receipt by ENTRUST is 28 April.

However, as this date is a Sunday this year, it has been agreed with HMRC that any returns submitted by post and received by ENTRUST on 29 April 2013, will be considered as being compliant with the LCF Regulations.

Given the short time available for returns to be posted and received by ENTRUST, and as it is by far the most effective and efficient means of doing so, we would recommend that all EBs who have still to submit their Annual Return do so by using ENTRUST On Line (EOL), which can be accessed through our website.

If you have not yet set your EB up to use EOL or have forgotten your log on details, then you can request this from us by contacting ENTRUST on 01926 488327. To ensure that you are set up to use EOL, please make your request by 4.30pm on Friday 26 April 2013.

Please note that currently a warning appears on the Project Detail Page of the Annual Return that appears to indicate that this part of the form is not working. Please ignore this as the form is fully operational and this warning notice will be removed shortly.

Any annual returns received on line after midnight on 28 April 2013 will not be considered as being compliant.