Only 3 Days to Submit your Annual Return

25 Apr 2013

There are now only 3 days to go to the deadline for submitting your Annual Return (Form 4).

As all Environmental Bodies (EBs) are required to submit an Annual Return, even if they have had held, received or spent no LCF funding during the year. In those cases EBs will need to submit a NIL RETURN.

It is highly important that if you have yet to do so, you submit your return by 28 April 2013, to be compliant with the Regulations. The best and most effective way to do this is to submit your return on line using ENTRUST On Line (EOL). If you have not yet registered to do this you can do so by contacting ENTRUST on 01926 488327.

However, any requests to be set up for EOL need to be made before 4.30pm today to enable them to be processed before the close of business tonight. Any postal returns will be considered as being compliant with the Regulations if they are received by ENTRUST on 29 April 2013, but returns on line need to be completed and submitted by midnight on 28 April 2013.