Compliance Inspection Findings 2016/2017

10 Apr 2017

At the conclusion of each compliance review we issue a report which details our findings and where appropriate, makes recommendations for corrective actions. During 2016/2017 we issued 279 reports raising a total of 374 recommendations of which 122 (33 per cent) were made to correct issues of non-compliance and 252 (67 per cent) were guidance recommendations.

Analysis of the recommendations raised during 2016/2017 shows that the most frequent issues identified are with EBs failing to correctly complete annual returns and spending LCF monies outside of the prescribed period. However a significant number of recommendations were also required due to EBs providing incorrect financial information.

You can read the full report on the right hand side of this page. The report includes an analysis of the issues identified and a table which identifies corrective actions for each of the five most frequently raised findings.