EB Briefing Note: Insights and Updates—July 2023

12 Jul 2023

We are delighted to announce the release of the latest edition of the Environmental Body (EB) Briefing Note.

As a crucial resource, the EB Briefing Note offers valuable information and analysis on a broad range of topics related to the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). It covers updates to the Guidance Manual, the wider regulatory landscape, and provides insights into the current state of the LCF.

A notable highlight of the July 2023 edition is the inclusion of Entrust's 2023/2024 Corporate Plan, which reaffirms our "coaching to compliance" approach alongside our commitment to ensuring that our guidance is clear, consistent, and easily comprehensible to all stakeholders. Additionally, this edition showcases the progress made by Entrust concerning the action points agreed upon by HMRC, Entrust, and EBs after consulting with the top ten EBs in March 2023.

As EBs navigate the complexities of the LCF, the resumption of the quarterly release of the EB Briefing Note stands as an indispensable tool, equipping stakeholders with the information and insights they need to meet their statutory obligations, and to help them achieve their goals in supporting local communities and the environment.