ENTRUST Corporate Plan 2020-2023

3 Apr 2020

We are pleased to publish our Corporate Plan for 2020-2023, which sets out the activities which we consider are key to ensuring we provide HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) with independent assurance that Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) monies are spent compliantly, and which sets out the delivery of our services as an efficient, proactive and robust regulator.

It also recognises the continuing positive change in behaviour of Environmental Bodies (EBs) in complying with two of HMRC's key strategic priorities for the LCF:

  • Reducing EB administration costs to below the guidance level of 7.5 per cent of annual project expenditure; and
  • Continuing to reduce EB unspent funds at year end to no more than 1.5 times an EB's LCF income in that year.

In 2020/2021 we will also continue to focus on:

  • Service improvement and efficiency - continuing to prioritise our 'coaching to compliance' ethos, delivery of strong customer service and transparent regulation of the LCF;
  • Vital to our service improvement and efficiency is our innovative stakeholder engagement which includes positive partnering relationships between the ENTRUST Board members and Chief Executive (CEO) and the Boards and CEOs of our largest stakeholders;
  • Delivering Value for Money (VfM) - as LCF monies are derived from public funds (foregone landfill tax diverted into the LCF scheme) we believe it remains important to demonstrate the value the LCF delivers to local communities and the wider environment; and
  • Scheme closure in Wales - following the end of the transitional period of the closure of the LCF in Wales on 31 March 2020, we will complete our regulatory activities, providing HMRC with assurance that all LCF monies in Wales have been spent compliantly.

To deliver this work, we will continue to utilise our staff effectively, ensuring that they are multi-skilled across teams and continually seek methods to improve and increase our regulatory assurance to HMRC whilst minimising our resource requirement.

The summary document outlines our plans and our agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the coming year. You can also read the document in full for further detail on our plans.