ENTRUST Cost Reduction Restructuring

1 Feb 2016

In the 2015 Autumn Statement the Government announced that the size of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) in 2016/2017 will reduce to £39.3m.

As part of our budget planning process we review our annual funding requirement. As a result of the material reduction in the size of the LCF, our Board and Senior Management team undertook a fundamental review of our organisational structure with the aim of reducing our future operational costs whilst continuing to ensure we remain able to deliver our core services and statutory requirements.

As a result of this review, we have determined that we will be making a number of posts redundant in order to reduce our staffing levels. The posts include:

Head of Finance
Training and Information Officer
Registrations Assistant

We have reallocated the work of these posts to other parts of our business and we will issue an updated organisational structure chart once this work has been completed.

These cost savings, alongside previous reductions means that, since 2010, we have delivered a 30 per cent reduction in our funding requirement. During 2016/2017, we will continue to review our funding requirements with a view to delivering further cost savings.