ENTRUST Guidance Manual Update

3 Apr 2020

We continue to listen to feedback from Environmental Bodies (EBs) on our Guidance Manual and periodically update it to provide more clarity or to provide an updated position in a specific area.

This week we published further updates based on EBs' feedback in the following areas (the relevant section in the guidance is also noted):

  • Confirming that Annual Returns are calculated on a cash basis and not on an accruals accounting basis (3.8);
  • Clarifying that upfront payments are only acceptable under certain conditions (5.3);
  • Clarifying the requirements regarding EB enrolments in relation to EBs dissolving (2.4); and
  • Updating the guidance to include information relating to the new framework for high-risk projects (4.1).

The updated Guidance Manual can be found on the guidance pages of our website. If you have any questions about the Guidance Manual please email us at helpline@entrust.org.uk

The updates to the Guidance Manual do not include the recently released guidance related to the impact of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) on the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF), as it relates to specific guidance in relation to the current unprecedented and extraordinary circumstances. You can find the Covid-19 guidance here.