ENTRUST Guidance Manual Update February 2021

22 Feb 2021

We continue to listen to feedback from Environmental Bodies (EBs) on our Guidance Manual and periodically update it to ensure that it remains as clear and helpful as possible. We have updated the Guidance Manual as follows:

  • Clarified that if an EB is winding up and has money remaining after all eligible winding up costs have been incurred that the remaining funds must be transferred to another EB (Section 3: Now you are an EB - 3.13);
  • Emphasised the point that any increase in winding up provision in a year must be included in that year's administration costs calculation (Section 3: Now you are an EB - 3.13);
  • Clarified our requirements on leases and management agreements in situations where a project site is not owned by the project operator (Section 4: Submitting a Project for ENTRUST Approval - 4.3); and
  • The threshold for the requirement to tender when spending LCF funds has been increased from £5,000 to £10,000. In many cases a full tender was not being required for values less than £10,000 and the guidance now reflects this change in practice (Section 5: Running a Project - 5.3). Three quotes should be sought when the value is less than £10,000.


The updated Guidance Manual can be found on the Guidance page of our website.

If you have any questions on these changes please contact the Helpline by emailing helpline@entrust.org.uk or by calling 01926 488 300.