ENTRUST Helpline - caller options

30 Oct 2017

On Tuesday 31 October we will be updating the telephone options that callers are given when they dial our Helpline (01926 488 300).

Currently callers are presented with five options to help direct their call. Following a comprehensive review of our customer service provision, and responding to customer feedback we believe that this is no longer appropriate given the reduced size of our organisation.

The changes will take place during Tuesday 31 October, and callers to our Helpline will be presented with two options, one for matters relating to the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) including finding funding, registration, compliance and enforcement and a second option for organisational matters such as suppliers, HR, or to contact the Chief Executive.

We will monitor the performance of the updated call options and respond to any feedback from our stakeholders. If you have any comments please contact Jess O'Brien at communications@entrust.org.uk