ENTRUST Helpline - Statutory Annual Return option

8 Mar 2019

It is a Statutory requirement for all Environmental Bodies (EBs) to submit a Statutory Annual Return (Form 4) by 28 April each year. This can mean that our Helpline becomes busy during April with enquiries relating to the Annual Return.

To support EBs with any questions about the Statutory Annual Return and ensure calls are able to be dealt with as quickly as possible we have updated our phone system to include a specific option for those with enquiries about their Annual Return (Form 4).

Callers to our Helpline have two options, one for matters relating to the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) and a second option to contact the Chief Executive's Office. Those who select the first option for the LCF will now be presented with an option for enquiries about the Annual Return (Form 4) and a second option for all other LCF enquiries.

Following the end of the Annual Return period we will remove the sub option for the Annual Return enquiries. As always we will monitor the performance of the updated call options and respond to any feedback from our stakeholders. If you have any comments please contact Jess O'Brien at communications@entrust.org.uk