ENTRUST Online (EOL) automatic emails

11 Aug 2021

When Environmental Bodies (EBs) complete certain tasks in ENTRUST Online (EOL), the system sends automatic emails as a record of the action and in some cases as a reminder to complete further tasks. These emails are sent to the Main Contact of the EB and in some cases the individual who submitted the form. Sending emails to both allows emails to be received by both the Main Contact and the person completing the administration and reporting tasks in that particular case, ensuring there is no delay in information being received.

Following feedback from EBs we have extended this function to project approval emails; these emails are issued automatically following ENTRUST's approval of a project and contain the formal notification of project approval as an attached letter.

Where previously these emails were only sent to the Main Contact, they will now be sent to both the Main Contact of the EB and the individual who submitted the form, if they are different.

If you have any queries or would like to suggest any further improvements, please contact us at Helpline@entrust.org.uk or 01926 488 300.