ENTRUST Online (EOL) Dashboard updates

19 Nov 2020

As a best practice organisation we regularly review our systems and operations, and monitor feedback we receive from Environmental Bodies (EBs). Following this, we have recently commenced a project to improve the function and appearance of the EB Dashboard on ENTRUST Online (EOL).

The Dashboard is the first page that EBs see when logging in to EOL. To make this page more user friendly we have removed the list of project extension requests from the Dashboard. These lists of extensions did not provide EBs with useful data as extensions are approved at the point of the request being processed, either by an EB granting their own extension on EOL or after ENTRUST have processed the request, following receipt of an email. To identify if a project has been extended please review the individual project on the General Details tab for each project. Your EB's Main Contact will also receive an email confirming the extension when the request is processed.

We will now move forward to the next stage of improving the dashboard and will advise EBs of future changes. It is planned that this will include data regarding your current projects and whether any have passed their end dates. If EBs have any further suggestions of what they would like to see on the Dashboard please email Helpline@entrust.org.uk