ENTRUST Online (EOL) further dashboard updates

14 Dec 2020

In November 2020 we updated Environmental Bodies (EBs) about a project which had commenced to improve the function and appearance of the EB Dashboard on ENTRUST Online (EOL).

The Dashboard is the first page that EBs see when logging in to EOL. To further improve the page we have made the following additional updates:

  • A reminder to complete the Statutory Annual Return which will be removed from the dashboard once the form is completed and submitted to ENTRUST;
  • A reminder to check EB contact and other details are all correct and up to date, including governing member details. There will be a twice yearly reminder to check details that can be acknowledged and removed when the details have been checked and amended (if necessary);
  • The number of approved projects with end dates approaching in the next three months - to remind EBs to consider whether any extensions are required;
  • The number of approved projects with expired end dates - to remind EBs to complete these projects on the Annual Return; and
  • A reminder to respond to the draft compliance report following a Compliance Review.

The above changes complete the updates that we are making to the EOL Dashboard at this time. If EBs have any further suggestions of what they would like to see on the Dashboard please email Helpline@entrust.org.uk