ENTRUST support for local charity

2 Jan 2020

Entering into the Christmas spirit, on Friday 13 December, ENTRUST held a Christmas jumper day to celebrate national Christmas jumper day and to support the local charity, Leamington Spa Night Shelter Charity.

Overall the event raised £76, plus a box of delicious chocolates, which were graciously accepted by the Charity who were "thankful for your kindness, and all these donations help very much to keep the Leamington Night Shelter open."

Christopher Welford, ENTRUST CEO, said: "I am really pleased that despite being a small organisation, during the festive period, we were able to give something back to the local community and to those individuals who are less fortunate than ourselves."

The Leamington Spa Night Shelter gives food and shelter to homeless and vulnerable people. On average the shelter has 12 clients staying overnight and another 20 coming for food. The shelter also give food parcels away as well as socks and toiletries, which are in great demand. The running costs average out at £150 a night.