ENTRUST website update and updated Guidance Manual now available

23 Mar 2016

Following the Government's reforms to the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) we have published our updated Guidance Manual today.

The updated Guidance Manual has been discussed with HMRC and some Environmental Bodies (EBs) have had the opportunity to comment on the draft guidance. The Guidance Manual has been refreshed across all sections in addition to the revisions necessary following the reform announcements. The new manual aims to be more concise with a clearer layout to enable EBs to more easily understand their obligations within the LCF.

Responding to feedback from EBs we have also taken this opportunity to update the content and navigation of the ENTRUST website. The updated navigation will make it easier for all stakeholders within the LCF to find the information they need.

The main changes to the website are:

  • We've updated content throughout the site to reflect changes to the fund announced in the 2015 Autumn Statement and Budget 2016;
  • Updates to the home page to allow people to see the latest LCF news more easily;
  • A new section called 'Need Help' which amalgamates our former 'Training' and 'How To' sections;
  • Our FAQ page now features sub categories. The sections are based on the new guidance manual sections which will helpfully provide a starting point for any question an EB may have.

Whilst we aren't expecting any issues with the website update going live, we will be working to resolve any that arise. If you encounter any problems or you need any help please contact our helpline on 01926 488 300.