Environment Agency Landfill Site Search Facility

19 Jul 2017

The Environment Agency (EA) have announced that they have decommissioned their interactive mapping service and on Thursday 27 July 2017, the EA's Landfill Site search facility will close. This effects the ability to search for authorised landfill sites in England. There is no change to the current search arrangements for Northern Ireland or Wales.

Authorised Landfill Site data will be available to download under licence, however you will require specific software to be able to view the files. There is further information about how to do this on the EA's website.

Unfortunately, ENTRUST are not able to resource the production of a dynamic mapping service to replace the EA's facility, however we intend to utilise the data to allow us to provide advice and guidance on the location of landfill sites in relation to project enquiries via our telephone and email Helpline services which you can access by calling 01926 488 300 or emailing helpline@entrust.org.uk

If you require information about specific landfill sites, please contact enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk