Guidance Manual Updates—July 2024

11 Jul 2024

We have committed to updating the Guidance Manual with significant changes only once a year, in January. However, issues that require more urgent clarification will be addressed in the July update. As such, please find the latest updates to the Entrust Guidance Manual:

(1.) Minor amendments to tidy the manual, with no operational impact on EBs, including:

  • Removing guidance for an NHS pandemic-related item.
  • Updating outdated wording, such as ‘His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.’
  • Revising advice for non-EBs on finding funding, considering the recent standardisation of funding models.

(2.) Re-write of the Income Derived section (Section 5.2).

  • An issue regarding Income Derived (ID) was raised during multiple compliance reviews last year. It was recognised that this part of the guidance needed updating for both EBs and Entrust staff to ensure clarity and understanding.
  • After consultation with EBs and internal discussions, we have clarified what ID is, how it should be calculated, and what compliance inspectors will be asking for.
  • We have also added a small change to the Project Registration and Project Completion forms with an additional text box next to the Income Derived estimates. As explained in the Manual and additional guidance, this box is for entering any purposes for spending Income Derived beyond the maintenance of the project works if surplus funds were raised.

To keep the Guidance Manual concise, we have developed an additional handy document with further information on Income Derived, providing more detail to assist EBs in various circumstances. If you have any questions, please contact