Internet Browsers and ENTRUST

25 Jan 2021

As a best practice organisation, ENTRUST regularly reviews its services and the technology on which they run. Following a recent review of internet browsers we recommend that our stakeholders do not use Internet Explorer as their browser of choice, when accessing the ENTRUST website or ENTRUST Online (EOL).

Internet Explorer is one of the oldest web browsers, having been introduced in 1995. In recent years, Microsoft have been withdrawing support from Internet Explorer and have been encouraging users to move to Microsoft Edge instead. Due to the lack of support for Internet Explorer, we recommend anyone still using Internet Explorer should now choose a different browser when accessing the ENTRUST website or EOL. Installing another browser is relatively straightforward - using your current browser you can search for the browser you want to download and then follow the instructions. This will install the new browser on your device.

You may already have a different browser installed on your device, in which case all you need to do to use that browser is to open the shortcut.

An internet 'browser' is an application which is used to access websites. Without a browser, you cannot use and view websites. These browsers are used whether you are accessing the internet on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. There are many different browsers, such as:

  • Internet Explorer;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Safari;
  • Microsoft Edge; and
  • Mozilla Firefox


ENTRUST use an 'Analytics' tool to view how users interact with the ENTRUST website and EOL. Many users have already moved away from Internet Explorer to choose Google Chrome as their preferred browser. During Quarter 3 of 2020/2021, the following browsers were used to access the ENTRUST website:

  • 48% of users accessed using Google Chrome;
  • 22% of users accessed using Safari;
  • 15% of users accessed using Microsoft Edge;
  • 5% of users accessed using Firefox;
  • 4% of users accessed using Internet Explorer; and
  • 6% of users accessed with another browser.

In 2019 and 2020 we made updates to EOL. These updates have enhanced the security and performance of the site and have made small cosmetic changes to the way the dashboard looks. As Internet Explorer is no longer supported by the updated software that EOL uses, these updates may have affected how EOL appears when using the Internet Explorer browser.

If you have any questions or require any help about which browser to use for EOL or the ENTRUST website please contact our Helpline by emailing