Invitation to Tender | Entrust Website

2 Mar 2023

Entrust is inviting experienced organisations to submit tenders for the upgrade or redevelopment of their website.

The existing software powering the Entrust site has become legacy, so we are considering either upgrading the platform to ExpressionEngine version 7 or redeveloping it via an alternative CMS (e.g. WordPress).

We understand that ExpressionEngine 7 is a powerful and intuitive platform, but would also consider alternative solutions via an alternative CMS (e.g. WordPress), which are secure, reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective.

All proposals should include details of your proposed technology solution and associated costs/fees for implementation, hosting/support services and any additional modules/services required.

You must also describe how you plan to migrate existing content from ExpressionEngine 5 to the new platform without disrupting existing operations or losing data in the process.

Proposals must be submitted by 12 April 2023, with potential bidders able to gain more information from Communications Manager James Dowler at 

Questions can be directed towards James, who will be able to provide guidance and information on the tender requirements.