Important Update: January 2024 Guidance Manual Update

9 Jan 2024

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the January 2024 Guidance Manual Update.

1. Introduction

This announcement is intended as an initial notice to all EBs regarding the forthcoming policy changes scheduled for Monday, 29th January. It includes a high-level summary of the changes themselves, supplemented with more detailed information in the attached document. Please be assured that in the days and weeks to follow, we will release additional communications, each focusing on a specific policy change and its implications for you. 

2.    Rationale Behind Policy Changes

The amendments are in direct response to the challenge set by the Entrust Chair to critically review our guidance and procedures. The overall purpose is to eliminate any unnecessary duplication and reduce administrative load, all while safeguarding current levels of regulatory compliance.

3.    Brief Overview of Key Policy Changes

  • Project Monitoring and Assets: Modifications to the periods for project monitoring and the transition to the Register of Resalable Items (RORI) for more efficient asset management. Certain changes will be reflected in the EOL system and are expected to be fully implemented by June 2024.
  • Tendering Process: Updated guidelines for obtaining quotes and conducting competitive tendering, aiming for greater flexibility and transparency.
  • Required Financial Information (RORI): Changes in the requirements for project registration and the method of reporting project modifications to Entrust.
  • Publicity and Promotion: Updated guidance on promoting LCF and Landfill Operators, removing previous mandatory directives and ensuring clear guidance.
  • Solar Panels and Car Charging Points: Additional details under Object D to confirm the eligibility of solar panels and car charging points, ensuring compliance with public access requirements.

4.    Further EOL Changes in Development for June 2024

The EOL update in June 2024 is set to bring about additional enhancements and corrections in the project forms and the annual return procedure.

5.    Contact and Feedback

We understand that this period of transition might lead to some uncertainties. Rest assured, we are committed to providing support and clarity throughout this process. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated. For any queries, clarifications, or concerns, please reach out to or phone 01926 488 300. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.


January 2024