Making Payments to Another Environmental Body

21 Jan 2013

Further to the guidance that was issued in October 2012.

The guidance related to making payments to other Environmental Bodies (EBs), and we have discussed the matter with EBs who raised questions about the application of the guidance note. From our recent discussions with these EBs we consider that the main issue now revolves around the funding EB retaining the project approval of any project that it funds, despite that project being delivered by another EB.

Having listened to stakeholders' views as to their requirement to hold project approval, we are now considering the best mechanism for ensuring that the Regulations are complied with. This enables us to: meet our stakeholder requirements; ensure the transparency and accountability of the scheme; and ensure the integrity of our data. We are therefore having to carry out further work on this matter to ensure all of these objectives can be achieved. We will discuss our findings with EBs once this work has been completed. However, we can also confirm that where a DEB only pays non-EB contractors direct for works that have been undertaken on a project, then there is no transfer of LCF funds between EBs, and the DEB would be able to hold the project approval so long as they can demonstrate that they control the project.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding in working with us on this matter.