Making transfers of qualifying contributions to Environmental Bodies and changes to ENTRUST online

28 Jul 2013

We have issued guidance to Environmental Bodies (EBs) on 29 July 2013 which covers:

Making transfers of qualifying contributions to another Environmental Body (EB) and changes to ENTRUST on-line (EOL), July 2013.

We issued this guidance to explain the reporting requirements for different scenarios where multiple EBs are engaged in the management and delivery of projects.

This guidance document supersedes the previous guidance issued 11 October 2012 and the follow-on guidance issued 13 March 2013 on transfers of qualifying contributions between EBs.

This guidance does not detail a change to the Regulations, but clarifies their application. In order to comply with the Regulations, EBs must follow the procedures outlined in the document.

If you have any queries in respect of the guidance please contact the Regulations Team on 01926 488323 or the Compliance Team on 01926 400311.