New Automated Email for Projects due to expire

23 Aug 2022

In 2021/2022 ENTRUST ran a consultation exercise regarding the operation of ENTRUST Online (EOL). Following analysis of the results of that exercise, which were published on our website on 17 May 2022, we identified a number of improvements that we could make to the system.

Over 73 per cent of respondents advised ENTRUST that it would be beneficial to be automatically notified and reminded when a project was due to expire.  ENTRUST has therefore developed a technical solution to address this issue, which will go live on 1 September 2022.

If an EB has a project(s) that has/have expired, or is/are due to expire, an email will be sent to an EB at the beginning of the month as a reminder to update their records in EOL, advising that the project(s) has exceeded, or is about to exceed its stated end date and to seek a project(s) extension through ENTRUST Registrations Team by either:

Please note this email will be sent from and that replies should not be sent to this email address.