New completion process launches

4 Dec 2014

Following our communications this week, we have launched the changes to Form 2: Applying to register a project, the reintroduced project completion form and a process for extending the expected completion date of a project on 3 December 2014.

You can read the article from 26 September on our website.

Changes to Form 2: Applying to register a project

The value for money (VFM) questions previously asked at project registration stage will now be asked at project completion stage.  

Moving the VFM questions to completion stage brings the timing of our VFM questions in line with many other third sector assessments of VFM.

Form 9: Project completion form

Reintroducing the project completion form addresses over-running projects and enables project applicants to inform us as soon as a project has completed (rather than waiting until submission of the Statutory Annual Return (Form 4), which may be up to 12 months following completion of the project.

Form 2X: Project extension form

The project extension form enables EBs who will not be able to complete their projects by the estimated completion date on the project registration form, to seek an extension of time. EBs can seek an extension of up to three months through ENTRUST online and longer extensions can be sought by contacting the Registrations Team.   


An EB completing a project extension form online will see the date originally notified for the completion of the project and can seek a three month extension. This new date will become the new project completion date.  

An EB submitting a project completion form online will find that any relevant project information which has already been provided to us will be pre-populated in the completion form for that project. 

More information can be found on our completion process page.