New Contributing Third Party (CTP) training resource

24 Jul 2018

Following feedback from stakeholders we have developed a set of examples to demonstrate whether a potential Contributing Third Party (CTP) is eligible under different scenarios.

Determining whether or not a potential CTP is eligible can be a complex matter. We have received feedback from stakeholders that it would be useful to have a set of examples illustrating the situations in which a CTP payment would or would not be eligible. The new resource complements our existing training materials on the topic of CTPs, including sections in our guidance manual which details the requirements for an eligible CTP payment, a decision tree and a standalone guidance note which are both available on the CTP page of the website.

In developing the examples we have used our past experience of CTP related queries to identify common situations where confusion may arise as to whether a payment is eligible. We of course accept that there might be situations or additional factors not covered in the new resource. If stakeholders are in any doubt as to whether a payment is eligible we would advise that they contact our helpline on 01926 488 300 or by emailing

The new document is available on the right hand side of this page and our full range of training materials can be accessed via the finding training resources page in the Need Help section of our website.