New networking day for Chairs, Directors and Trustees of EBs

13 Aug 2015

On 31 October 2015, we are holding our first 'Networking Day' for Chairs, Directors and Trustees of Environmental Bodies (EBs).

We recognise that a number of attendees support EBs on a volunteer basis and we therefore considered it was appropriate to hold this event on a Saturday at our office in Leamington Spa between 11am and 3pm, with lunch provided. However, if there is the demand we could run a further event on a weekday.

The overarching aim of the event is to provide Board members and trustees with an update on their responsibilities and obligations of EBs in relation to the Landfill Tax Regulations 1996 and to help develop a wider understanding of the strategic issues impacting on the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).

We also believe that the day will offer an opportunity for Board members and trustees to meet individuals from other EBs and allow people to share experiences and knowledge regarding the delivery of their projects.

To book a place on the event please go to the Training Booking page. If you have any queries please contact Simon Gerwitz, Training Officer via email or by phoning 01926 488300.

We also believe it would add a valuable element to the day if an experienced director or trustee of an EB could offer their perspective to those newer to the LCF. We would therefore be grateful for volunteers to present their experiences. If you would be content to give a short presentation, could you please contact Simon Gerwitz.