Online Submission of Statutory Annual Return by 28 April 2013

4 Feb 2013

Your Environmental Bodies (EB) next Statutory Annual Return (Form 4) is due by the 28 April 2013.

You are required by the Landfill Tax Regulations 1996 to submit an Annual Return. Even if you have not received, spent or hold any Landfill Community Fund (LCF) monies it is a statutory requirement for you to complete a nil return.

The easiest way to complete your Annual Return is by using ENTRUST On-Line (EOL). The online system fills in the basic information such as balance of LCF funds, funds brought forward, and contributions and transfers made in the year. Please remember to press the ‘Submit’ button after saving your return, when you wish to send it to us. You will receive an email confirming submission.

You can access EOL from our website home page at

Further to our communication to EBs on 14 January 2013 the 2012/2013 Annual Return has been revised and is now available for completion. We have previously issued all EBs, for who we hold an email contact, with a user log on and a password. If you received an email with your user log on details you can use this to access EOL.

If you received an email but cannot remember your password you can use the password reminder facility on our website by clicking on the home page / EOL log on and then click on forgotten password which will send you an automated reminder by email.

If you have never received any log on details or have problems using the password reminder on EOL please contact us on 01926 488 327 or email to set up your EOL log on.

If you have any queries on the completion of your Annual Return or are having problems please contact the Compliance Team on 01926 488311.

Nil Returns

The Annual Return is a regulatory requirement even when you have received no Landfill Community Fund (LCF) monies, held no monies nor spent any monies during the period.

All you need to do is log into EOL, select your EB, go to Annual Returns, click ‘Begin Nil return’ for 2012/2013, select your name (submitted by), and submit to ENTRUST. You should submit your Nil return now, or any time up until the 28 April 2012.

It should take you less than 10 minutes to complete the Nil Annual Return online and you will receive an email confirming submission.

Reporting LCF monies

You can start filling in the Annual Return whenever it is easiest for you and save information such as project expenditure for each project as a total for the year. If you have received transfers and contributions, where these have been recorded by ENTRUST these figures will appear in the Annual Return, and you will be asked to confirm by using the ‘agree’ buttons that the amounts are correct.

You shouldn’t submit your return until all transfers and contributions for the year are recorded. All you then need to do is press the submit button when all the figures are correct before the 28 April 2012 to ensure that you comply with your statutory responsibility.

Paper returns

We will only be issuing paper Annual Returns to Environmental Bodies (EBs) on request, although you can download a form from our website at