Project Pre-approval Approach

16 Apr 2020

From April 2020 we will be further enhancing our approach to assessing project applications. This enhanced approach will allow ENTRUST to carry out a more detailed review of those projects which ENTRUST considers to be higher-risk prior to the project's approval.

We consider that this approach will enable any potential compliance issues to be addressed before a project commences and it will also provide a valuable opportunity for project applicants to discuss the project with a member of ENTRUST's staff.

Projects will be selected and reviewed on a case by case basis after ENTRUST has completed a risk-based assessment.

Those projects which are subject to a more detailed review may be subject to a site visit before the project is approved; this might delay a project commencing but it should ensure that a project is fully compliant.

It was our intention that we would fully implement the process including site visits fom 1 April 2020, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak this is not possible. However, while we will not be able to undertake physical visits, we would expect project applicants to provide other information, for example, photographic evidence to support any questions ENTRUST may have relating to the project.

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