Publication of 2022/2023 EB Benchmarking Data

16 Jun 2023

Entrust has committed to publishing anonymised metrics about the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).

This data is intended to help Environmental Bodies (EBs) compare their performance with other EBs and the overall fund performance. The metrics cover areas such as administration costs, unspent funds, uncommitted funds, landfill operator requirements, risk scores, non-compliant recommendations, and project information. These metrics are presented in quartiles or bands to allow EBs to assess their performance and identify areas for improvement. If an EB falls within a red-rated benchmark category, for example, it indicates an area that may require further consideration or action.

  • Administration Costs: The majority of EBs (70%) incurred costs equating to 7.5% or less of project expenditure, which is within the current guidance level. The overall administration costs to project expenditure ratio for 2022/2023 was 5.4%.
  • Unspent Funds: The overall sector performance of unspent funds as a ratio to income for 2022/2023 was within guidance at 1.08.
  • Uncommitted Funds: EBs are encouraged to minimise the level of uncommitted funds they hold. The majority of EBs (47%) hold uncommitted funds between £100 to £19,999.
  • Contributing Third Party (CTP) Requirements: 59% of EBs were asked to source a CTP of more than 7.50% during 2022/2023, while 40% of Landfill Operators (LOs) did not request any CTP payment.
  • EB Risk Score: The majority (41%) of all EBs fall within the lowest risk band (Band 6). For those EBs holding funds of £100 or more as at 31 March 2023, 42% fall within the top two risk bands.
  • Non-Compliant Recommendations: 79% of compliance reviews during 2022/2023 raised no non-compliant findings. Less than 1% of reviews identified four or more non-compliant findings.
  • Project Data: 24% of projects completing during 2022/2023 incurred LCF expenditure of £10,000 or less. The majority (78%) of projects completed within six months of the first payment being made.