Review of the ENTRUST Training Strategy 2019/2020

18 Jun 2020

ENTRUST continues to run an annual training programme for stakeholders which we consider helps to coach Environmental Bodies (EBs) to compliance and delivers Value for Money (VfM).

As part of our internal quality assurance programme, we are pleased to publish a review of our 2019/2020 training programme, which highlights the events and activity that took place through the year and the resulting feedback scores from attendees. The full report can be accessed on the right hand side of this page.

In January 2020 we published the 2020/2021 dates for Basic Training for EBs which are held at our office in Leamington Spa. Individuals are able to review the dates and book to attend training through our website. All training events will be reviewed in line with Government guidelines in relation to COVID-19 guidance at the time.

EBs wishing to access training online can use our EB online training module which was created to support organisations newly enrolled with the UK LCF and those considering enrolment, along with new staff or volunteers at existing EBs. The module covers the basic knowledge required to participate within the LCF, the regulatory requirements surrounding LCF funding at the obligations and responsibilities of an enrolled EB and takes individuals through a series of questions to test and improve their knowledge.

The training section of our website is available on the 'Need Help' tab where stakeholders can find the introductory videos and EB Enrolment module. Our collection of online resources and 'How To' guides are available here.

We continually review our training resources, if you would like a guide on a specific topic or you can't find what you need email for support and guidance. Additionally, in 2020/2021 we are considering developing an online webinar for our basic training module. This would mean those unable to attend our office in Leamington Spa, who have access to the internet and who have video access (on a laptop, tablet or smartphone device) would be able to attend our basic training webinar. If you would be interested in ENTRUST's basic training, delivered by webinar, please let us know by emailing and we will assess the level of interest in this potential development.