Review on the usability of EOL

18 Apr 2018

We have published a report detailing the results of our review on the usability of ENTRUST Online (EOL).

This report details the results of our review on the usability of EOL. The review aimed to identify aspects of EOL which could be improved to reduce the administrative burden on EBs and support ENTRUST's move to full digital delivery of services. All EBs were invited to take part in the review by completing an online survey open from January 2018 to February 2018. The orginal news item on the launch of the review can be viewed here.

Overall we received highly positive feedback on the usability of EOL, and from our analysis of responses were able to identify a number of improvements that could be made to EOL. While some smaller changes will be implemented to EOL as soon as possible larger changes will now be subject to a cost benefit appraisal to ensure the proper use of limited resources following the reduction in the size of the LCF scheme.

All changes taken forward will be implemented in the first half of 2018/2019. We will undertake a post implementation review of the changes six months after they have been implemented to ensure they have delivered the anticipated benefits.

You can read the report on the right hand side of this page.