Revised High-Risk Project Approval Guidelines

13 Oct 2023

A small update to the high-risk project approval framework has been implemented. There is just one change to note.

When an EB carries out works themselves on a project, we identified a challenge in distinguishing staff costs associated with physical works from those related to organisational overhead (Admin costs). To streamline this process, we're adjusting our approach. Instead of requesting detailed job specifications, we'll ask Environmental Bodies (EBs) who carry out works with their own staff, to submit a concise spreadsheet containing the job title, role in the works, estimated hours, and hourly rate for staff costs.

A template spreadsheet is available upon request, and it has also been sent to EBs who have recently included staff costs for their EB in their project applications. This update aims to not only enhance the clarity of cost assessment but also streamline the application process, ensuring that funds are allocated efficiently to high-risk projects.