Secure Document Sharing Made Simple: EOL File Sharing

1 Aug 2023

At Entrust, we understand the importance of safeguarding the secure transfer of documents, and we want to remind Environmental Bodies (EBs) of our streamlined process designed precisely for this purpose.

Introducing EOL File Sharing

Entrust Online (EOL) offers a secure digital platform, simplifying communication between EBs and Entrust. Whether it's enrolling with us, registering projects, or participating in compliance reviews, EBs can conveniently upload major file formats. Rest assured, our advanced security measures guarantee the confidentiality and security of all shared data, giving you peace of mind.

A Word of Caution

While popular file-sharing platforms like WeTransfer, Dropbox, or Hightail may seem convenient, we cannot guarantee their security or conduct virus scans on transferred files. This being the case, we do not accept their use for document transfers to Entrust.

Safe, Quick, and Cost-Effective Document Uploads

Our document upload facility offers a safe, swift, and cost-effective method for EBs to submit information and documents securely. We welcome major file formats—from common document types (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf), spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx), image files (.png, .jpeg, .pdf), to other files (.msg, .txt).

Enrolments and Registrations

When asked to upload documents like your memorandum and articles during enrolment or additional documents to support project registration, you can seamlessly do so on EOL. Our 'How to' Guides for submitting enrolments and project registrations provide detailed steps on document uploads, accessible on the 'Resources and How to Guides' page of our website.

Compliance Reviews

For compliance review purposes or other Entrust information requests, EBs can conveniently upload requested documents on EOL. Whether it's invoices related to LCF spend, bank statements, or other necessary documents, EOL simplifies the process. You can find our 'How to' Guide for uploading documents on EOL on the 'Resources and How to Guides' page of our website.

Need Assistance?

If you require further information or assistance with the document upload process on EOL, don't hesitate to contact our Helpline at Our team is here to support you every step of the way.