Sending documents to ENTRUST securely

28 Jul 2021

When Environmental Bodies (EBs) enrol with ENTRUST, register projects or take part in a Compliance review, there is often a requirement for the EB to send documents to ENTRUST. These documents can be uploaded via ENTRUST Online (EOL), which is a secure transfer to our database and ensures that documents are scanned for viruses. EBs should not transfer documents to ENTRUST using file sharing applications like WeTransfer, Dropbox, or Hightail (formerly YouSendIt) as ENTRUST cannot guarantee the security of these file transfer sites or scan the files for viruses.

Our document upload facilities allow users to upload all major file formats, for example, documents (such as .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf), spreadsheets (such as .xls, .xlsx), image files (such as .png, .jpeg, .pdf), and other files (such as .msg, .txt). The upload facilities provide a safe, quick and cost-effective method for EBs to provide information and supporting documents to ENTRUST.

Enrolments and Registrations

If you are asked to upload a document, for example, your memorandum and articles whilst enrolling, or additional documents to support your project registration, these documents can be uploaded as part of the process when completing the enrolment application and/or the project application registration. Our 'How to' Guides for submitting an enrolment or submitting a project both include detailed steps on how to upload documents as part of your enrolment or project registration. You can access the guides on the 'Resources and How to Guides' page of our website. 

Compliance Reviews

EBs can upload documents on EOL which may be requested as part of our compliance review process or other ENTRUST information requests, for example, invoices relating to your LCF spend, bank statements and other necessary documents. You can read our 'How to' Guide for uploading documents on EOL on the 'Resources and How to Guides' page of our website.

If you would like any further information about uploading files to EOL or require any help to upload your documents please contact our Helpline by emailing