Small Grants Scheme (SGS) Update

23 Oct 2011

The Small Grants Scheme (SGS) is an ENTRUST initiative, which has been in operation for a number of years with Accredited Environmental Bodies (EBs).

Following a review of the scheme, we have decided to extend its use and open it up to all EBs that have been enrolled with ENTRUST for over three years.

The aim of the SGS is to reduce the administrative burden in managing small grants, using the following criteria:

• Each individual grant is capped at £5,000;
• The SGS can only be used for small, discrete Object D projects; and
• Each year, participating EBs can allocate a maximum of £100,000 or 10% of their LCF income for the previous year (whichever is the lowest) to the SGS.

If you are interested in setting up a SGS, please read our guidance note which can be found here.