Spring Budget Statement 2024

15 Mar 2024

Following the Spring Budget announcement on 6 March 2024, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have released their Landfill Tax Briefing which states the following in relation to the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF):

  • The government has planned to set the value of the LCF for 2024/25 at £30.9 million (£32.9m in 2023/24).
  • The diversion rate for contributions from Landfill Operators will remain at 5.3%.
  • The confirmation of the Entrust levy for 2024—2025 is set at 2.93% (3.38% in 2023/24).

Additionally, the government plans to revise the standard and lower Landfill Tax rates, aligning them with the Retail Price Index (RPI). The rates will be rounded to the nearest 5 pence and these upcoming adjustments will be effective from 1 April 2025 onwards.