System updates to ENTRUST Online (EOL) regarding the LCF Statutory Annual Return

3 Sep 2020

Each year all enrolled Environmental Bodies (EBs) are required to complete a Statutory Annual Return to report their expenditure of Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) monies to ENTRUST. The return for 2020/2021 will be due by the deadline of 28 April 2021.

To continually improve our operations and in response to some recent feedback from EBs we have introduced additional validation controls on the Statutory Annual Return (Form 4) within ENTRUST Online (EOL) in order to address some of the common errors we identify with the Annual Returns each year and to reduce the number of errors and mis-reporting of project dates by EBs. These changes have been made to the 2020/2021 return and we have done this now as we know a number of larger EBs work on their return throughout the year.

The changes we have introduced are:

  • When an EB now reports that they have made the first payment on a project, the value of that payment is also required to be recorded at the same time. This is to avoid the payment dates being entered without an associated payment value. The project expenditure value should be updated to reflect all payments made on the project in the year when the return is submitted;
  • Only dates within the reporting period can now be entered to the Annual Return. This is to avoid incorrect payment dates being entered and to help avoid typos when entering payment dates and ensure expenditure is reported in the correct year; and
  • We have added a flag to indicate which projects listed on the project breakdown sheet have been allocated to another EB. EBs which have allocated projects to another EB must ensure that the funds for these projects have been reported via Form 7 (Notification of transfer of funds) and that the receiving EB has reported the project expenditure before the completion dates are reported.


We will update the 'How to' guide for the Statutory Annual Return to reflect the changes that have been made. If you have any questions about the Statutory Annual Return, please contact Helpline by calling 01926 488300 or by emailing