Training and Guidance Consultation Final Report

14 Apr 2022

We have published the final report detailing the findings of our consultation on ENTRUST's provision of training events, our Guidance Manual and other training resources which we make available to Environmental Bodies (EBs).

The aim of the consultation was to seek the views of stakeholders on ENTRUST's provision of training events, our Guidance Manual and other resources. Specifically, we sought the views of EBs on whether training and guidance is easily accessible, easy to use and relevant to EB needs. All EBs were invited to participate in this consultation by completing a survey, which was open for four weeks in November 2021. A total of 11 stakeholders responded to the survey.

One inference that ENTRUST has drawn from the low response rate is that EBs are generally happy with ENTRUST's training and guidance provision. This point is further evidenced by the responses that were received, which made a small number of suggestions to improve ENTRUST's training offering without there being any negative answers. Furthermore, ENTRUST considers that the detailed comments are helpful in focusing ENTRUST's work on improving our training offering. The report sets out the findings and is split into the following four sections:

  • Training Events;
  • The Guidance Manual (Manual);
  • Other resources and 'How to' guides; and
  • The EB Enrolment module and video resources.

You can read the report, which details the findings and outcomes of the consultation on the right hand side of this page or on the Final Consultation reports page of our website. A link to the report will also be included in the April eNewsletter. If you have any questions about the consultation please email