Update to ENTRUST Online (EOL) login details

20 Dec 2017

Following a recent review of our systems to ensure they comply with the highest levels of cyber security we will be making some updates to our ENTRUST Online (EOL) system in early January.

EOL allows all Environmental Body (EB) reporting to be completed online, to reduce the burden on EBs and ensure that compliance can be readily and easily achieved and demonstrated.

To access EOL users must enter a registered email address and their password. The password is auto generated when users first set up an EOL account, however users are able to change this password to one of their own choosing. Previously there have been no requirements for this password, for example a certain number of letters, combination of letters and numbers etc.

To further tighten our cyber security, we will shortly be releasing an update to EOL, which will mean that all passwords must be a minimum of eight characters and contain a combination of numbers and letters.

All registered users of EOL with a password that does not meet the updated criteria will need to update their password to access EOL. Following the update to EOL, users will be prompted to do this, if their password does not meet the required criteria.

EOL users can update their password in advance of this and change their password at any time by clicking the change password link at the top right corner, when you are logged into EOL. We recommend updating your password, if required, as soon as possible. You do not need to wait for EOL to be updated.

If you have any problems accessing EOL or have any questions or require further information please contact our Helpline by calling 01926 488 300 or email us at Helpline@entrust.org.uk