Updated Guidance Manual December 2021

9 Dec 2021

We continue to listen to feedback from Environmental Bodies (EBs) and where appropriate we update our Guidance Manual to reflect their suggestions and provide greater clarity where needed.

We have updated the Guidance Manual to:

  • Include information specific to National Health Service (NHS) users of Object D amenities, in response to more public amenities being used by the NHS during the pandemic;
  • Remove all reference to 'enforcement' in favour of 'breach management' (as per the News Item published on 1 November 2021 in relation to this subject); 
  • Clarified the application of the conditions agreed with HMRC in 2015 because the Manual had not explicitly referred to them in relation to the obligations that arise from the project approval and project timeframes.

During the reporting period, we also took the opportunity to review the Manual for clarity and consistency, which we believe will improve its functionality for EBs as they will develop a better understanding of ENTRUST's guidance.

The updated Guidance Manual can be found on the Guidance page of our website.

If you have any questions about the changes to our Guidance Manual please contact the Helpline by emailing helpline@entrust.org.uk or by calling 01926 488 300.

In November 2021 we consulted on our Guidance and Training offering. The results of this consultation, and any resulting update to the Guidance Manual and our training offer, will be published in the New Year. Training dates for the new financial year will also be published following the outcome of the consultation.