Updates to EOL regarding Voluntary Revocation requests

25 Mar 2022

As a best practice organisation, and as part of our continuous improvement programme, we regularly review our systems and operations, and monitor feedback we receive from Environmental Bodies (EBs). As part of this we have recently updated ENTRUST Online (EOL) to include additional validation checks as part of the Voluntary Revocation process.

When an EB has completed their Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) activities, they may wish to leave the scheme. This is known as Voluntary Revocation from the LCF.

EB's can request voluntary revocation through EOL by using the:

'Leaving the Scheme' tab. This page will take the EB through a short checklist of the actions they need to complete before a request to leave the scheme can be considered for approval. One of these actions is to have submitted all Statutory Annual Returns (Form 4), including the current year.

  • EBs will no longer be able to submit a Voluntary Revocation request on EOL until all Statutory Annual Returns (Form 4) have been submitted and reconciled. If there are any missing annual returns, including the current year the EB will be notified with a warning message detailing which Statutory Annual Returns (Form 4) need to be completed before the revocation request can be submitted.


EBs requesting voluntary revocation will be assessed for compliance with the Regulations and may be subject to a Compliance Inspection to confirm that all regulatory requirements have been fulfilled. Once all due diligence checks have been completed satisfactorily, the request to leave the scheme will be submitted to the next available ENTRUST Board meeting.

EBs who are planning to leave the scheme but have not completed all of their LCF activity can give advance notice of their intention to leave the scheme by emailing compliance@entrust.org.uk and we can provide guidance and assistance on the closure process.

We have updated the 'How to' guide for the Voluntary Revocation process to reflect the changes that have been made. You can access the guide on the Resources and How to page on our website. If you have any questions about this update please contact Compliance by emailing Compliance@entrust.org.uk